2016 New Hampshire Presidential Primary

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Democrats in New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders

NH Polling: 46%  
Raised: $15,112,749      
Spent: $2,952,884      

Hillary Clinton

NH Polling: 30%    
Raised: $47,053,724   
Spent: $18,203,588        

Martin O'Malley

NH Polling: 2%      
Raised: $1,986,144        
Spent: $672,008        

Jim Webb

NH Polling: 1%  
No finance data      

Lincoln Chafee

NH Polling: <1%    
Raised: $392,743        
Spent: $63,757        


Sources: CNN/WMUR 9/17-9/23, Federal Election Commission

Republicans in New Hampshire

Donald Trump

NH Polling: 26%    
Raised: $1,902,410        
Spent: $1,414,674        

Carly Fiorina

NH Polling: 16%  
Raised: $1,699,127      
Spent: $708,470      

Marco Rubio

NH Polling: 9%    
Raised: $7,865,940        
Spent: $2,248,849        

Ben Carson

NH Polling: 8%      
Raised: $10,624,399      
Spent: $5,879,088        

Jeb Bush

NH Polling: 7%    
Raised: $11,429,897    
Spent: $3,078,087      

John Kasich

NH Polling: 7%    
No finance data    

Chris Christie

NH Polling: 5%        
No finance data        

Ted Cruz

NH Polling: 5%        
Raised: $14,049,037      
Spent: $5,771,455      

Rand Paul

NH Polling: 3%    
Raised: $5,295,404    
Spent: $2,721,952      

Jim Gilmore

NH Polling: 1%      
No finance data      

Lindsey Graham

NH Polling: 1%        
Raised: $2,173,151      
Spent: $1,115,334      

Mike Huckabee

NH Polling: <1%        
Raised: $1,997,211      
Spent: $1,111,740      

Bobby Jindal

NH Polling: <1%    
Raised: $578,759        
Spent: $65,044        

George Pataki

NH Polling: <1%    
Raised: $255,795        
Spent: $48,175        

Rick Santorum

NH Polling: <1%    
Raised: $605,936        
Spent: $386,410        


Sources: CNN/WMUR 9/17-9/23, Federal Election Commission


FIRST! Understanding NH's Presidential Primary

A lot has happened in the 100 years since New Hampshire held its first presidential primary. This fall, you can learn about it all through a free, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) offered by the University of New Hampshire. 


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About First in the Nation

By state law, every four years New Hampshire holds the first Presidential Primary in the United States.  Click here to read about some of the notable history surrounding New Hampshire's First in the Nation Primary.

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