Current U.S. Senate
Kelly Ayotte

For U.S. Senate - 2016

Contest: 2016
Experience: NH Attorney General 2004-2009
Residence: Nashua

Family: Married, Children: 2

JD, Villanova University School of Law,
BA, Penn State University,
Website: Click Here


Crime and Public Safety

How should the U.S. approach Iran?
Should NH pass stricter gun control laws?
Should NH keep the death penalty?

Economy, Budget and Taxes

Should the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard stay open?
Should the federal government reform Social Security by raising the retirement age and/or privatizing?
Other: Economy, Budget and Taxes
Should NH raise the minimum wage?
Should the U.S. Constitution have a Balanced Budget Amendment?
Should NH support federal earmarks for state projects?


Should NH continue the business tax credit for scholarships to private, parochial, and home schools?
Should NH increase state funding for charter schools?

Energy and Environment

Should the government pass regulations to combat climate change?
Should the government pursue more opportunities to produce fossil fuels?

Health Care

Should the federal government repeal the Affordable Care Act/"Obamacare" entirely?
Should the government increase funding for mental health?
Should NH residents be allowed to purchase health insurance policies approved in other states?
Should NH limit access to abortion?

Politics and Political Process

Should NH support federal earmarks for state projects?

Social Issues

Should there be a path to citizenship for some illegal/undocumented immigrants?
Should the government increase funding for mental health?
Should NH limit access to abortion?



Energy and Environment

S J Res 24 - Expresses disapproval of the EPA rules that require states to lower carbon dioxide emissions - Voted against
S 1 - Authorizes the Keystone XL Pipeline and amends energy efficiency regulations - Co-sponsored this bill
S Amdt 777 - Recognizes that climate change is real and caused by human activity and that Congress needs to take action to cut carbon pollution - Voted to recognize climate change

Health Care

HR 3762 - Repeals several key pieces of the Affordable Care Act/"Obamacare," including the individual mandate to buy health insurance - Voted to repeal part of "Obamacare"
S 1881 - Prohibits any federal funding for Planned Parenthood - Voted to move this bill forward

Recreation and Transportation

HR 22 - Federal highway and transportation funding bill - Voted for federal highway funding

Economy, Budget and Taxes

HR 1314 (Amended) - 2015 budget bill - Voted for budget
HR 1295 - Eases trade restrictions between U.S. and parts of Africa, funds a worker assistance program in the U.S., and renews Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) - Votd for TAA
HR 2146 - Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill, also having to do with federal firefighters - Voted for TPA
HR 1314 - Renews Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) - Voted for TPA and TAA
S Amdt 2327 - Reauthorizes the Export-Import Bank - Voted to reauthorize Export-Import Bank

Crime and Public Safety

HR 2048 - Tightens regulations on electronic surveillance - Voted to tighten regulations on electronic surveillance
S 754 - Encourages private companies to share information with the federal government about possible threats to computer networks. Some civil liberty advocates are concerned that the bill threatens consumer privacy. - Voted in favor


S 1177 - Expands state responsibility over schools and reduces the federal test-based funding system of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) - Voted to reduce NCLB

Social Issues

S 2146 - Blocks federal funding for so-called "sanctuary cities" that do not comply with federal detainer requests for illegal immigrants - Voted to move this bill forward

Economy, Budget and Taxes

S 540 (2014) - Temporary debt limit extension - Voted against debt limit extension
HR 3547 (2014) - Appropriates funds for fiscal year 2014 - Voted for budget bill
S 1845 (2014) - To provide for the extension of certain unemployment benefits - Voted against moving this bill forward
S 2223 (2014) - Minimum Wage Fairness Act, to increase the federal minimum wage - Voted against moving this bill forward
S 2569 (2014) - Prohibiting tax credits for outsourcing expenses and creating a tax credit for insourcing expenses - Voted against moving this bill forward

Energy and Environment

S Amdt 3584 (2014) - Lowering the federal gas tax and giving states more control over transportation infrastructure funding - Voted for changes to transportation infrastructure funding
S 2280 (2014) - Authorizes the Keystone XL Pipeline - Voted for Keystone XL Pipeline

Crime and Public Safety

S 1752 (2014) - Increasing regulation of court martials for rape in the military - Voted against moving this bill forward
S 2685 (2014) - Limits the collection of phone records by the government - Voted against moving this bill forward

Health Care

S 2578 (2014) - Prohibits any employer that maintains a group health plan for its employees from denying coverage of any health care item or service required under federal law (e.g. birth control) - Voted against moving this bill forward

Politics and Political Process

S J Res 19 (2014) - Constitutional amendment related to campaign finance, potentially overturning the Citizens United decision - Voted against moving this bill forward

Economy, Budget and Taxes

S 743 (2013) - Requires online retailers to collect sales tax for other states - Voted against online sales tax
H J Res 59 (2013) - Continues the 2013 budget and delays the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (known as 'Obamacare') - Voted against budget bill
S 815 (2013) - Prohibits employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity - Voted against discrimination protections
HR 2775 (2013) - Extends the current budget and raise the debt ceiling until early 2014 - Voted to extend the current budget

Crime and Public Safety

S Amdt 715 (2013) - Requires background checks for all firearms purchases - Voted against requiring background checks
S Amdt 711 (2013) - Establishes regulations on assault weapons - Voted against limiting assault weapons
S Amdt 714 (2013) - Limits firearm magazine capacity - Voted against limiting magazine capacity
S 47 (2013) - Reauthorizes the “Violence Against Women Act” - Voted for VAWA


HR 1911 (2013) - Matches the Stafford Direct Student Loan rates to the 10-year Treasury note rather than using a fixed rate - Voted to move student loans to market-based interest rates

Health Care

S Amdt 30 (2013) - Prohibits spending on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as “Obamacare” - Voted to prohibit spending on ACA/"Obamacare"

Social Issues

S 744 (2013) - “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act,” which creates a path to citizenship for illegal/undocumented immigrants, increase border security, and reforms the visa system - Voted for immigration reform

Economy, Budget and Taxes

HR 3630 (2012) - Extends unemployment benefits, payroll tax cuts, and more - Voted to extend unemployment benefits, TANF, and other economic stimulus
S 3412 (2012) - Extends tax cuts from 2001 and 2003, except for certain high-income individuals - Voted against extending some tax cuts
S 3240 (2012) - Continues farm subsidies and reforms SNAP (food stamps) - Voted against farm subsidies and SNAP reform
S Amdt 2310 (2012) - Requires labeling of genetically modified food (GMOs) - Voted against GMO labeling
S 2573 (2012) - Extends tax cuts established in 2001 and 2003 - Voted in favor of extending tax cuts
HR 3606 (2012) - Voted to ease securities regulations

Social Issues

S Amdt 2174 (2012) - Limits eligibility for SNAP (food stamps) - Voted to limit SNAP eligibility
S Amdt 2172 (2012) - Gets rid of bonuses to states for administering SNAP (food stamps) - Voted to eliminate SNAP bonuses

Crime and Public Safety

HR 5949 (2012) - Reauthorizes electronic surveillance laws passed after 9/11 - Voted to reauthorize FISA
S 1925 (2012) - Reauthorizes the “Violence Against Women Act” - Voted for VAWA


S Amdt 2153 (2012) - “Lamar Bill,” which extends current student loan interest rates; also repeals the Prevention and Public Health Fund established by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly known as “Obamacare”) - Voted to extend student loan interest rates and de-fund part of ACA/"Obamacare"

Economy, Budget and Taxes

S 365 (2011) - Raising the debt ceiling and enacting budget cuts - Voted against raising debt ceiling and cutting budget
HR 1249 (2011) - Changes US patent issuance from "first to invent" to "first inventor to file" - Voted to C Hange patent law

Crime and Public Safety

HR 514 (2011) - Extends certain expiring provisions of the PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 - Voted to extend PATRIOT Act


Raised: $5,257,638

Individual Contributions: 69% ($3,609,615)
Party Contributions: <1% ($46,800)
PAC Contributions: 24% ($1,239,324)
Candidate self-financing: 0% ($0)
Other: 7% ($360,547)

Spent: $1,975,240

Reporting Date: December 31, 2015


Ananta Gopalan
- Hampton

Sun, 03/30/2014 - 9:39pm

It is so predictable that our Republican senator from New Hampshire would immediately favor military aid and punishment of Russia because of its annexation of Crimea.  The US tax payers are unmercifully buffeted between the differing ideologies of the same progressive movement with uncontrolled spending, taxation and suffocating regulations, albeit for different reasons.  Sen. Ayotte goes on a fact-finding mission to Ukraine and immediately starts campaigning for US tax payers to support her vision of US intervention.  Can we ask a simple question as to how that dictatorial action by Putin in his backyard affects the US national defense or interest?  Can we stop being an international policeman when the US Constitution does not require it at all?

For starters, it has been close to 70 years since WWII ended in Europe but the US taxpayers have been made to subsidize European defense ever since through a delusional self-aggrandizement of our role.  The EU has a GDP close to that of the US but the US is spending for EU's defense to a large extent with bases and offensive and defensive armaments.  Let Europe pay for its own defense and let them take care of their own problems. 

A good reason for us to stay away from Europe is that the US is broke.  Our government spends more than 30% over its revenue by borrowing and printing money.  Sen. Ayotte should know this but her party loyalty forces her to take a hawkish and Teddy Rooseveltonian progressivism of imperialistic posture.  Even if there is any justification for the US taxpayers to be forced into such a typical European intrigue, we can not afford it unless we prioritize our national interests.  This is not isolationism.  It is an economic necessity and the well-being of our children and grand children demands it.

We can not afford Ukraine spending and commitment.  We are not who we were as a nation in the 1930s.  As a result of our massive debt (biggest debtor now whereas huge creditor nation in the 30s) and expansion of money supply to monetize the debt, the dollar status as a reserve currency is in jeopardy.  As a matter of fact the BRIC(Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations are working to stay away from the dollar pricing.  When their combined GDP exceeds that of the US with our sluggish economic prospects due to our own misguided economic policies, it is quite possible that they could dump the dollar that would result in an economic chaos in the US.  It is not hard to imagine that is what Putin is working towards in response to all the economic sanctions on Russia that the Senator from New Hampshire is vigorously promoting.  It will be a war of economic destruction,

European political history has been largely based on continuous conflicts among its rulers ever since the demise of the Roman Empire.  Ukraine is no exception.  It has been ruled by various powers of Europe for a long time.  European nations, kingdoms and states constantly undergo shifting alliances and engage in military conflicts as a result.  Understanding the inherent war-mongering among royalties and fiefdoms of Europe, our first president George Washington enunciated a foreign policy of neutrality in political affairs of other countries while strictly engaging in commerce with all nations unless our borders are threatened.  That ought to be our foreign policy now.  Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican progressive was the first president that glorified US imperialistic behavior towards other countries and followed an interventionist foreign policy.  The result of that seismic shift in our foreign policy has been unnecessary sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of our young people in foreign wars and enormous resource drains for calculated destruction.

The evolved two-party political system in our country (not required by our Constitution) in the last hundred years have driven us away from our unalienable rights, resulted in uncontrolled and unauthorized explosive growth of our federal government and chronic deficit spending rivaling that of a banana republic.  Let Europe solve its Russian problems.  We have done enough in the last hundred years for the welfare of the nations of the world.  We need to clean house here (economically speaking) so that our children and their children can truly live free.

Steven Borne
- Rye

Thu, 12/27/2012 - 12:16pm

Dear Senator Ayotte,

After the massacre at Sandy Hook, too many parents are living with empty bedrooms. We cannot fathom the agony that has been injected into the lives of those families.

Yes, citizens have a constitutional right to bear arms, but as a society we have a responsibility to prevent slaughter and remove the horrendous specter that assault guns and rifles casts over everyone of us.  While the fiscally irrational, big government suggestion from the NRA insults our intelligence, your deflection of the real issue to mental health screams that you are more concerned for your political career and the health of a political party than for our society and nation.

Article 10 of our State Constitution implores us to protect our democracy from private interest or emolument (political career) behavior of our representatives. So as a responsible citizen, I am writing to you to insist that you step up and represent us now. I am also sending this to NH newspapers with the hope that all other responsible citizens will also contact you.  

Please have the political will to do what is best for our nation by removing assault guns, rifles and the ownership of excessive volumes of ammunition from citizens. If you cannot, then I would ask you to step down so that someone with more conviction to the whole of our society can represent us.

Respectfully yours,


Cindy Dooley
- Hampstead

Mon, 10/05/2015 - 7:48am



Dear Senator Ayotte,


My name is Cindy Dooley and I live in Hampstead, NH.


Please support HR 2646 because it addresses the obstacles families face when trying to save loved ones from untreated serious mental illness.  This bill will expand access to treatment for individuals who miss out on mental health services because they are too ill to seek them.  It will lead to treatment before tragedy.

We desperately need HR 2646 to help us appropriately care for our loved ones, who while in crisis, cannot care for themselves.  It truly is a matter of life and death.


Thank you for your support.





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