Citizens express outrage at Lakeview Neurorehabilitation Center - 340 responses

Mar 22, 2015

In light of reports of widespread abuse and neglect at the Lakeview Neurorehabilitation Center in Effingham, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) asked Facebook members on March 22 if it should be shut down. 

In directly answering the question, 55% of respondents said Lakeview should be closed, while 45% said it should not. 60% of all respondents did not provide a clear answer to the question, however, as many instead expressed outrage that such abuse and neglect could take place at all. In sum, the LFDA received specific comments from 128 individuals supported by 167 concurrences for a total of 340 citizen responses.

For those who said the school should be closed, many indicated there were no other options. One woman noted, “There is no corrective action for abuse. This is why we have such a broken system. Abuse is a one and done event. Close the place down.” Another respondent added, “Close it now. No human deserves to be abused.”

The purported abuse at Lakeview also raised the ire of those with the opposite opinion, as many cited pragmatic concerns. “I used to work for Lakeview,” said one woman. “Not everyone there is bad. Closing the doors will leave clients without a place to go.” One respondent suggested, “We don't need to close it. We need to fire incompetent people and fix it.”

The majority of all respondents, however, expressed clear outrage without providing a direct “yes” or “no” to the question posed by the LFDA. Several cited the complex nature of the issue, as one respondent noted, “The administrators keep citing the numbers of how expensive it is to care for these patients, but the ones doing the care are making slave wages and working in incredibly hostile environments.”

Click here to read the full Facebook discussion of this question. 

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