Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods - Majority of LFDA Facebook members continue to express support - 316 responses

Nov 13, 2013

When the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) asked its Facebook members in June whether New Hampshire law should require labels on goods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), 96 percent of respondents answered affirmatively. Since that time, several studies were conducted with similar results, including a statewide survey of 500 New Hampshire registered voters by The Mellman Group, Inc.

Despite these and other publicized reports, however, the NH House Environment and Agriculture committee recently recommended that the full NH House vote down a bill that would require the labeling of food products that contain GMOs. In asking LFDA Facebook members on November 13 if they agree with the vote, however, 82 percent of respondents expressed strong disapproval.

One gentleman's  comments captured the spirit of this disapproval, as he rhetorically questioned "how a house committee can vote against a bill that has such enormous support."

"If there is any accountability in politics, if anyone is paying attention, there will be repercussions for those politicians on the committee," he added.

In total, the LFDA received 316 citizen responses, including specific comments from 107 individuals supported by 183 concurrences. In addition to the aforementioned statistic, 7 percent agreed with the vote, while 11 percent did not offer a clear position.

For those in the minority, several suggested consumers share some of the responsibility themselves. "If you don't want to eat GMOs, search out products that advertise that they don't contain any," said one gentleman. "Don't add unneeded costs and regulation to everyone else's food supply."

With many citing potential health risks associated with GMOs, the majority opinion for the most part focused on the notion that citizens have the inviolable right to know what is in the food they eat. Said one respondent, "At least the General Court can take solace in heeding the desires of two out of every ten citizens who apparently believe ignorance is bliss regarding the food they eat."

The nonprofit, nonpartisan LFDA takes no position on this or any issue. Rather, we present this report as a summary of citizen testimony on this subject. As New Hampshire's Virtual Town Hall, the LFDA, now numbering over 25,000, provides objective information on state issues, promotes the civil exchange of opinions, and communicates views to elected officials. To learn more about this issue or the LFDA, visit

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