LFDA Members challenge claims that NH is worst place to live for young people - 326 responses

Oct 26, 2014

While New Hampshire is often touted as one of the best places to live in the nation, a recent ranking by MoneyRates.com places the Granite State dead last as the best place to live for young people. In asking Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) Facebook members their opinion on the ranking, the majority of respondents acknowledged systemic problems statewide, although many questioned the criteria used within the survey. Criteria included youth employment, youthfulness of state’s population, affordability of in-state college tuition, rental availability, rental costs, high-speed broadband access, bars and nightclubs per capita, and fitness clubs per capita.

Out of respondents who directly answered the question, 62 percent expressed agreement with the survey, while 38 percent indicated their dissent. Twenty-three percent of all respondents, however, elected to discuss the subject in broader terms. In total, the LFDA received 326 citizen responses, including specific comments from 116 individuals supported by 190 concurrences.

For those who said they agreed with the survey, many responses cited personal experiences that supported its findings. Remarked one respondent, “I've had children struggle to make rent while working at start up jobs. One moved to Ohio for cheaper cost in schooling and better living costs.” Many respondents also expressed concern regarding employment in the state, as one woman bluntly stated, “There's no employment for NH residents within the state.”

A sizeable proportion of respondents, however, questioned the survey’s criteria, as one respondent noted, “[The survey] definitely missed the point. Not everyone bases where they want to live on bars and broadband.”

For those who elected to discuss the subject more broadly, several reasoned that young people in general tend to want to move away from the places in which they grew up as children. Many respondents more forcefully expressed concerns regarding New Hampshire and its assumed status as one of the best place to live in the nation, which others subtly noted in their responses. “You can live in NH, you can play in NH, but not work—not in NH—whether you are young or otherwise,” remarked one woman.

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