LFDA Members near unanimous in disapproval of proposed cuts to nursing homes - 397 Responses

Jan 26, 2015

Recently, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) presented a plan to shore up a projected $58 million deficit, which includes a $7 million cut in Medicaid payments to nursing homes. In response to the proposed cut, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) asked Facebook members on January 26 if they agreed with it. 

A super majority of 95% of respondents who directly responded to the question opposed the plan, while 5% were in agreement. 41% of total respondents, however, did not answer the question, but instead discussed broader issues. In sum, the LFDA received specific comments from 127 individuals supported by 249 concurrences for a total of 397 citizen responses.

Representing the majority opinion, many respondents expressed near outrage at the proposed cut. Remarked one respondent, “This is a disgrace. Our elderly should be taken care of first.” Some respondents commented that the elderly have paid into a system that is now letting them down. “We can't neglect our elderly,” reasoned one woman. “They paid taxes their entire life.” Others cited pragmatic concerns, as one respondent added, “A lot of those folks have no other place to go.” 

For the several individuals in the minority, though, very few options seem to exist that would restore the budget. One gentleman noted, “The cuts have to come somewhere. Some sacrifices have to be made. Some entitlements and programs have to suffer or be sacrificed.” Several others agreed, as one gentleman remarked, “You cannot spend money that you do not have.”

For those who did not provide a direct “yes” or “no” to the question posed by the LFDA, many suggested alterative solutions, including several who proposed changes to the state’s welfare system. One respondent said, “No more EBT, fuel assistance, or section 8—use that money for seniors.” Others questioned why the government was involved at all. “If those people who want them funded them directly, the cost would be substantially lower without government bureaucratic overhead,” said one gentleman.

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