LFDA members nearly unanimous in critique of reallocation of dedicated funds - 153 Responses

Jan 08, 2015

Several times during the course of New Hampshire’s history, lawmakers have used money from “dedicated funds” to shore up budget deficits, which is a practice nearly all Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) Facebook members do not support. In fact, 99 percent of individuals who answered the question responded negatively when asked if lawmakers should sometimes use money raised for a specific purpose to balance the rest of the state budget. In total, the LFDA received 153 citizen responses, including specific comments from 53 individuals supported by 91 concurrences.

For the majority, dedicated funds should never be used for any purpose other than their original intent. “It amounts to theft by deception,” said one respondent. Many others also cited ethical concerns, including one woman who remarked, “That would be stealing tax money.”

According to one respondent out of the few who expressed no issue with funds repurposed to address other fiscal needs, such a practice makes perfect sense. “We do this all the time with our own personal budgets,” said one gentleman. “If the price of gas goes up, or we’re hit with an unexpected bill, we adjust our allocations.”

Twenty-eight percent of all respondents, though, discussed the topic in broader terms, as many commented on why any extra money should exist in the first place. Others suggested possible solutions, including one respondent who said, “If a program has funds raised via taxes and the taxes don't cover the costs, then cut the program.”

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