Majority of LFDA Members disagree with proposed EPA efficiency standards - 626 responses

Jan 18, 2015

On January 15, the NH Department of Environmental Services issued an air quality alert for the southwestern portion of the state, citing unhealthy levels of pollution for anyone with lung or heart conditions. With much of the pollution attributed to wood-burning stoves, fireplaces and boilers, the US Environmental Protection Agency has proposed rule changes that would require manufacturers of new wood stoves to reduce emissions by roughly 80 percent. On Janauary 18, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) asked Facebook members if NH should require stricter efficiency standards on new wood burning heaters and stoves.

An overwhelming majority (91%) said they would not support any such legislation with only 9% in favor. Twenty-two percent of all respondents did not give a yes or no response to the question, instead electing to discuss the subject in broader terms. In total, the LFDA received 626 citizen responses, including specific comments from 217 individuals supported by 384 concurrences.

Representing the majority opinion, many respondents expressed concern at the financial impact it would have homeowners, while others questioned the logic behind requiring stricter efficiency standards. One woman reasoned, “I find it incredible that the same global mentality that is exceedingly demonizing big oil is doing everything they can to keep you dependent on the grid and big oil.” 

Several of those who expressed support for such governmental oversight, however, cited personal experience with inefficient sources of heat. Remarked one gentleman, “If you had the unfortunate experience of living next to a bad wood burning stove, you would know why this is a good thing that the EPA is doing.”

For many who did not directly answer the question, regulation of wood stoves should be the least of the government’s concerns. “I'd be more concerned about how the government can assist in reducing heating costs for the average person, not raising them,” said one gentleman.

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