Majority of NH citizens do not believe NH should require lead testing for one and two-year olds – 109 citizens, 311 responses

Nov 12, 2015

The Maryland Legislature was reported to be considering a measure that would require all one and two year-olds to be tested for lead poisoning. Currently, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts have similar mandates in place. On November 12th, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) put the question to Facebook members, asking, “Should NH require lead testing for young children?” 

A total of 82% of respondents answered directly or with a concurrence. Out of these responses, a 74% majority said NH should not require that one and two-year olds be tested for lead poisoning with 26% in favor. Of the remaining respondents, 18% opted to discuss the subject in broader terms. In sum, 109 citizens participated in the discussion with a total of 311 responses. 

For those of the majority opinion, several took exception to any suggestion that such testing be required by the government, with many saying it is a parent’s responsibility to know if a child should be tested. One gentleman remarked, “We have enough laws on the books –correction—too many laws. Common sense, education and making testing available if a parent so chooses are all that needs to be discussed.” Another respondent added, “Until a medical degree is required for public office, let's leave medical advice to the doctors and not the legislators.”

Most with the opposite opinion, however, cited the inherent dangers of lead poisoning, especially for toddlers. One respondent noted, “I think every child should be checked considering it causes irreversible brain damage.” Many agreed, including another respondent who said, “Considering the range of the damage prolonged lead exposure causes, the government should definitely step in.” 

For respondents who did not provide a direct “yes” or “no” to the question, some discussed the politics of how the issue is addressed, while many commented on known dangers associated with lead poisoning. One woman remarked, “I'm a phlebotomist and I can't tell you how many children's blood I draw for lead testing.”

Click here to read the full Facebook discussion of this question. 

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