Majority oppose rebates for wood pellet boilers – 177 citizens, 354 responses

Nov 22, 2015

With winter settling in, residents are looking at new ways to heat their homes. Currently, renewable energy rebates in New Hampshire include funds for the commercial or residential installation of wood pellet boilers or furnaces. The Live Free or Die Alliance decided to ask Facebook members, “Should wood pellet boilers or furnaces be eligible for state rebates as a form of renewable energy?”

A total of 78% of respondents answered directly or with a concurrence. Out of these responses, a 55% majority opposed offering renewable energy rebates for wood pellet boilers, with 45% in favor. Of the remaining respondents, 18% opted to discuss the subject in broader terms while 4% commented on unrelated issues. In sum, 177 citizens participated in the discussion with a total of 354 responses. 

The majority of those opposed to a wood pellet rebate questioned renewable energy rebates in general. “Should anything be eligible for state rebates as a form of renewable energy? If you give a rebate, you need to pick somebody's pocket to come up with the bucks,” one commenter wrote. “Let the market rule and the government stay out,” a citizen argued. “I don’t want to subsidize anything,” another said. 

Those in favor of the rebate argued that wood pellets did constitute a renewable form of energy. “Wood pellet stoves consume about 1/5 the wood stoves do while producing more heat, and less ash to deal with… I'd say make it renewable,” one commenter said. “Offering a rebate encourages residents to invest in technology that puts neighbors and their lands back to work,” a citizen said. 

Several of those who did not give a yes or no response, instead addressing their comments to other issues, questioned whether wood stoves should be eligible for rebates as well. “If wood pellets can be ‘renewable’ then why can’t a wood stove? They are essentially the same thing,” one citizen wrote. 

Click here to read the full Facebook discussion of this question. 

Do you oppose offering rebates for wood pellet boilers? Leave a comment and have your say. 

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