No Core Support for Common Core - 565 responses

Feb 25, 2014

While New Hampshire is one of 46 states that have adopted Common Core standards in schools with testing to begin the spring of 2015, legislation has already been proposed that would stop the implementation of this program.  Common Core is an initiative that establishes minimum expectations for what students should know by the end of each grade, supporters of the Common Core argue that such standards will help children succeed in a global economy.

However, in asking Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) Facebook members their opinion as to whether NH should stop implementation of the Common Core standards, the response was decidedly one-sided. In summary, an overwhelming majority—70 percent—of LFDA Facebook commentators do not want Common Core standards in NH, while only 11 percent indicated support for them. The question also sparked strong sentiments among the 19 percent of respondents who were unable to offer a clear position. In total, the LFDA received 637 citizen responses, including specific comments from 88 individuals supported by 401 concurrences.

For the majority of respondents that do not want Common Core standards in NH schools, teaching to a test dilutes what children learn in school, while others said local districts should control educational content. For other respondents in the majority, Common Core standards are founded on an ill-conceived assumption. “It assumes that all children learn the same at the same age,” remarked one individual. “It makes school standards a joke. It makes school dull.”

According to one respondent who expressed support for Common Core, however, abolishing such standards now is premature. “The Common Core standards are excellent and should be implemented,” one gentleman noted. “However, it takes time to create a curriculum that will do this.”

Several others agreed with this sentiment, although one gentleman, whose opinion could not be neatly categorized one way or another, offered an additional caveat. “I worry [Common Core] was ruined at the drafting table,” he said.

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