Should NH ban ivory sales? - 176 responses

May 05, 2015

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, elephants are being poached faster than they can procreate, fueling concerns by animal rights advocates predicting that wild elephants and rhinoceros could become extinct in as little as ten years. In response, 20 US states are either considering or have recently passed restrictions or outright bans on the sale of ivory. On May 5, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) asked Facebook members if the Granite State should join this trend, posing the question, “Should NH pass a ban on ivory sales?”

Opinion on the issue was closely divided, with a slim 53% majority of those giving or concurring with a direct answer to the question expressing opposition to a state ivory ban while 47% supported the idea. Discussion of the issue was very focused, with only 10% of commenters opting to address their remarks to broader issues, as opposed to an average of roughly 30%. In total, the LFDA received 176 responses. 

Many of those against a NH ivory ban argued that the issue was not a priority in the Granite State. “Banning the sale in NH will not stop hunting in Africa by any means,” one commenter wrote. “Haven't heard of or seen much of ivory trade anywhere in the state. A feel good law that really doesn’t do much for the animals,” another noted. “All this will accomplish is making it harder to sell or trade legal antiques,” a third posted. 

Supporters of the ban countered that even a limited impact was better than none at all. “Just because we don't have wild elephants and rhinos here doesn't mean their poached ivory is not sold here,” one commenter pointed out. “Eliminating the ivory trade is the only thing that will stop poaching,” another argued. 

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