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The Sensible Health Assurance Plan

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Mark Stewart
The Sensible Health Assurance Plan

Make ObamaCare and Medicare voluntary. Those who want to pay in and receive future benefits are free to do so. The benefits come only from paid-in funds plus interest. None can come from younger people who have yet to pay in.
The replacement is The Free Market. The backup is Welfare, with private welfare at work first and government welfare as a last resort. The Free Market knows no racial boundaries, restricts no MD or nurse from practicing, and allows everyone to participate. The Free Market's soundness is observable almost everywhere. The Free Market takes a mere paragraph to explain.
The Free Market in health care is the voluntary exchange of services. The Free Market is the system in which the prices are set freely by consent between consumers and clinics/hospitals/therapists. The Free Market follows the law of supply and the law of demand apply, free from intervention by a state, the federal government, a price-setting monopoly, or other authority. It's what propels people to innovate, what propels people to offer goods for low prices, and what encourages businesses to be good to their customers. The Free Market is what channels the nature we all have for greed into good. We invent, we offer our goods and services, we are nice to customers all for the profit motive.
The Free Market can be observed in every unregulated or minimally-regulated service. Our supermarkets, our clothing, our publishing, our computers, our furniture, our autos, our housing, and our television programming exemplify the services that are abundant, varied, and largely unregulated. The above offerings give Americans a huge array of choices, with new products every month. Their products and services get unmistakably better, while their prices tend to stay flat and often fall.
By contrast, here are three highly regulated services: energy, education, and health care. Energy is regulated by utility commissions, and is subject to many political influences. The result is that we have very few forms of energy production, and none that have been implemented in the last 40 years (nuclear power plants came into service in the 1960s and 1970s) and steadily increasing home heating prices. Education is highly regulated in our K-12 public schools, and barely regulated in private K-12 schools. The differential results are stark: when affordable, almost every parent prefers a private school for the child. Only in public schools do kids graduate unable to read; only in public schools do discipline problems impede children's learning. Health care has become highly regulated, except in some non-traditional therapies and non-traditional drugs. The best illustration of regulated versus unregulated health care is laser eye surgery. Over the last 20 years, the cost of laser surgery has gone down (dramatically), and the results have improved. No traditional, regulated therapy has decreased in cost, or become so much more available. Indeed while traditional procedures require long waits, laser eye surgery can now be routinely scheduled within a week.
The Free Market can easily be applied to health care. Apply the "rules" of the Free Market as we do to laser eye surgery. Watch how prices fall and more practitioners (not necessarily MDs) are available for care. The only impediment is that some procedures are inherently

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