Note: This write-up was last updated in October 2015. 

If you've been to a high school or college athletic event, you've probably seen them on the sidelines, typically with a fanny pack full of gear. They are the athletic trainers, and they are normally on staff or contracted to high school and college athletic teams throughout New Hampshire.

Expands Medicaid eligibility, using private insurance wherever possible.

Requires Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to allow any health provider into their network for the purpose of participating in the online health insurance exchange.

"Women's Right to Know Act," mandating that women considering an abortion receive "complete and accurate information on abortion and its alternatives."

Authorizes "buffer zones" for protestors around reproductive health clinics.

Allows medicinal marijuana through home growing.

Allows medicinal use of marijuana, without allowing home growing.

Prohibits federal agencies from preventing states from authorizing the use of medical marijuana

Appropriates funds for fiscal year 2015, specifies budgetary limits for fiscal years 2016 through 2024, and repeals the Affordable Care Act

Continues the 2013 budget and delays the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (known as 'Obamacare')


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