Judge, Sheriff Age Limits

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Note: Archived in March 2016 due to lack of activity.

According to the New Hampshire Constitution, judges and sheriffs are barred from holding office after they reach age 70.

There are no age limits for federal judges, and 19 states do not require judges to retire at a certain age.


"For" Position

By LFDA Editor

Those in favor of keeping age limits argue that the law protects New Hampshire from judges whose best years may be behind them.  Given the importance of judges, the state has a particular interest in ensuring that judges are mentally and physically up to the task.

"Against" Position

By LFDA Editor

Those in favor of removing age limits note that life expectancies have increased since the New Hampshire Constitution was drafted. 

Older judges also bring the benefit of greater experience.


Killed in the House

Repeals the age limit for sheriffs.

Killed in the House

Constitutional amendment ending the age limit for sheriffs

Killed in the House

Permitting retired judges over age 70 to serve on the bench in some circumstances

Should NH keep the age limit for judges and/or sherriffs?


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Issue Status

Note: Archived in March 2016 due to lack of activity.


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