CEOs rank NH low for business

Jun 12, 2017

BY: CCNH-LFDA Highlights

According to a ranking from Chief Executive magazine, New Hampshire is the 31st state in the nation for business.  The magazine ranked states according to a survey of CEOs.

According to the magazine, “New Hampshire seems to suffer more than any other state from simple negative perceptions by CEOs. In the survey, it ranked 31st overall even though the Granite State came up a shiny No. 1 in workforce quality, No. 4 in taxation and regulation and No. 19, its lowest ranking, in living environment.” 

New Hampshire did rank higher than other New England states.  Maine ranked 35th, Vermont followed at 40th, Rhode Island came in 42nd, Massachusetts at 45th, and Connecticut at 46th.

Texas was ranked first in the nation and California was ranked last.

Part of New Hampshire’s negative image among CEOs may be due to New Hampshire not passing a Right to Work law.  78% of surveyed CEOs said they would prefer to hire or would only hire in a Right to Work state.  Click here to learn more about the pros and cons of Right to Work. 

How would you rank New Hampshire for business?  Share your opinion in the comments below.


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