Gov. Sununu finishes first 100 days

Apr 18, 2017

BY: CCNH-LFDA Highlights

Friday, April 14 marked Chris Sununu's 100th day as Governor of New Hampshire. Here's a round-up of his major actions so far.

Repealing the license requirement for concealed carry

Gov. Sununu signed eight bills in his first 100 days, but most of those bills were just housekeeping. SB 12, signed into law February 22, allows New Hampshire residents to carry a concealed firearm without a license. So-called "constitutional carry" had passed the House and Senate in previous years, but was vetoed by then-Governor Maggie Hassan. 

Appointments for Commissioner of Education, Director of Energy and Planning, and Attorney General

Gov. Sununu appointed Frank Edelblut as commissioner of education, Myles Matteson as director of the Governor’s Office of Energy and Planning, and Gordon MacDonald as state attorney general. Edelblut was the only nominee to get significant push-back. Opponents said he lacked experience in education and was biased against public schools. Sununu said Edelblut has a "unique perspective in the field of education." 

Changing leadership in the Division of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF)

In March Gov. Sununu placed the DCYF Director on administrative leave for closing 1,520 open child assessments over a two-day period in 2016. "DCYF needs new leadership," said Sununu. Former Gov. Maggie Hassan started an investigation of DCYF in 2015 after the death of two children in their parents' care. 

Strong words on drugs from Massachusetts

Gov. Sununu had a small skirmish with lawmakers from Masschusetts over his comment that "85 percent of the fentanyl in this state is coming straight out of Lawrence."  Sununu scheduled a call with Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera to mend fences, but Sununu has not recanted his statement. The Governor continues to support policies that would focus drug enforcement efforts on the Massachusetts border. 

Legislative challenges

Depending on who you talk to, Gov. Sununu may or may not be responsible for the failure of right-to-work legislation and a state budget bill in the House of Representatives.  Now the Senate will draft a budget, which may or may not include all of Sununu's proposed expenditures. The Senate has already passed a bill to fund local road repairs, however, which Sununu identified as a priority in his January budget address. 

How would you rate Gov. Sununu's first 100 days in office? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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Christopher Sununu

NH Governor (2016 - present); Executive Councilor (2010 - 2016); Owner/Director, Sununu Enterprises; CEO, Waterville Valley Ski Resort; Strategic Consultant; Environmental Engineer


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