Apr 27, 2015

New Hampshire is in the middle of a public awareness campaign about the state's new distracted driving law.  Starting July 1, drivers face at least a $100 fine for using any electronic devices while driving.

Drivers over age eighteen may use hands-free devices.

Right now the state only prohibits texting while driving. 

May 08, 2015

This week the New Hampshire Senate will vote on HB 391, a bill that adds the 911 surcharge to prepaid cell phones.

Landlines, voice over IP, and traditional cell phone contracts all include a $0.57 surcharge that pays for 911 services in New Hampshire. 

Jun 05, 2015

On Thursday the New Hampshire Senate passed a bill that requires police to get a warrant before installing a GPS tracker or accessing a cell phone's location.

Jul 02, 2015

NH’s hands-free driving law, RSA 265:79-c, was implemented at the start of this month. Passed by the legislature in 2014, the law forbids drivers to use any hand-held voice or data device, such as a cell phone, GPS system, music player or tablet, even when vehicles are stopped in traffic.

May 20, 2016

On Thursday, May 19 Gov. Maggie Hassan signed SB 465, a bill that criminalizes so-called "revenge porn."

Jan 12, 2017

Rep. Eric Schleien is sponsoring a 2017 bill that would repeal the ban on hand-held cell phone use while driving. 

Feb 23, 2017

The New Hampshire House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee has voted unanimously in favor of a bill to limit the use of cell site simulators such as "stingrays."

Those devices mimic cellphone towers, allowing a user to gather data from nearby cellphones.

Mar 23, 2016

Concerns have been raised recently in several states, including New Hampshire, about the phenomenon of “revenge porn”, or the sharing, selling or otherwise distributing sexual or intimate images of another person without their consent.

Feb 16, 2016

On February 18, the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee will consider HB 1435, which would limit enforcement of the prohibition on the use of mobile electronic devices while driving to a secondary action when another offense is cited or charged.


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