Nov 05, 2015

The New Hampshire Attorney General is asking a judge to stop the Croydon School Board from using taxpayer money to pay for students’ tuition at a Montessori school.

Jun 10, 2016

On Thursday, June 9 Gov. Maggie Hassan vetoed HB 1637, a bill that would have allowed public funding for some students’ tuition at private schools.  

Jan 16, 2017

Rep. Carol McGuire is sponsoring a 2017 bill to expand the program that gives businesses a tax credit for donating to a scholarship fund.

Right now the scholarship fund can be used for tuition at private and parochial schools.  Homeschooled students can also receive funding.

Croydon school choice private schools
Feb 24, 2017

On Thursday, February 23 the Senate passed a bill that would allow school districts to use state funds for a student to attend private school, if there is no public school in town.

school choice education savings accounts
Feb 25, 2017

This week, the Senate passed SB 193, a "school choice" bill which gives parents of New Hampshire school-aged children who are not attending traditional public schools the option to establish education savings accounts.

school choice private schools
May 22, 2017

Last week a New Hampshire House committee voted in favor of a bill that would let some students use tax dollars to attend private school.

The bill, SB 8, would allow a school district to pay to send a child to a private school if the district does not have a public school at the child's grade level. 

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