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assessment test opt-out

Senate passes assessment opt-out

April 20, 2018
On Thursday, April 19 the state Senate passed a bill that allows parents to opt their children out of statewide assessment tests, without penalty. The bill, HB 1744, now heads to... read more or have your say »
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hospital budget uncompensated care

NH faces $71 million budget shortfall for hospitals

April 18, 2018
Following a federal court decision, the New Hampshire government owes hospitals in the state $71 million for uncompensated care. About uncompensated care The court case concerns... read more or have your say »
mental health hospital

Due process problem for mental health patients

April 16, 2018
According to state law, any mental health patient sent involuntarily to the state hospital has a right to a court hearing within three days of admission. However, overcrowding... read more or have your say »
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Should NH have a law against using a drone or similar technology to observe or record people over private property?

April 20, 2018
This May the New Hampshire Senate will vote on a bill to limit drones over private property. The bill, HB 1627, would specifically prohibit any use of a drone to observe or record... read more or have your say »

Do you support Gov. Sununu’s efforts to get more seasonal foreign worker visas for NH businesses?

April 16, 2018
New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has written a letter to U.S. Department of Homeland Security and federal labor department officials asking them to raise the number of visas... read more or have your say »





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