Jul 29, 2016

When John McCain was nominated for president in 2008, many analysts asked if he was too old to handle the stresses of the office.  McCain was 71.

This year Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, is 70 years-old.  Hillary Clinton will be 69 by the November elections, and is the oldest Democratic nominee for president in the party’s history.

Judge retirement age
Jun 28, 2017

New Hampshire’s Constitution requires judges to retire at age 70. It is the reason that Supreme Court Associate Justice Carol Ann Conboy must retire in July, something she does not want to do

age discrimination
Sep 12, 2017

With fewer babies being born since the 1980s and people living longer, the older generation represents a large pool of potential employees in the United States. In fact, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont have the top three oldest populations in the country.

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