NH ranks in the middle of states for working moms

May 09, 2018
working mom

New Hampshire came in 19th in a new ranking of the best states for working moms.

The WalletHub ranking included fifteen measures, from day-care quality to the ratio of female executives to male executives.

New Hampshire scored very high on metrics related to child care. However, New Hampshire lost points for not requiring paid family and/or medical leave for employees.

Should NH require employers to compensate workers for vacation time they earned, but were unable to take due to the needs of the business?

Mar 27, 2018
use it or lose it vacation

New Hampshire legislators are considering a change to state laws that govern how companies treat employee vacation time.

Currently in New Hampshire, companies can maintain a “use it or lose it” policy, which means that employees’ ability to use earned vacation hours simply expires at the end of a certain time period, which usually coincides with the calendar year-end.

Family medical leave bill moves forward

Feb 12, 2018
family leave

The New Hampshire House voted in favor of a state-run family and medical leave program last week.

The bill, HB 628, creates a program that covers roughly two-thirds of an employee’s wages after childbirth, adoption, or a serious illness in the family.

The money in HB 628

The family and medical leave insurance in HB 628 is funded by a 0.67% tax on each employee’s wages. However, employees could choose to opt out of the program.

Should employers be required to give hourly employees 14 days’ advance notice of their work schedules?

Feb 03, 2018

In 2018, lawmakers will consider SB 422, a bill that would require employers to provide hourly employees with their work schedules at least 14 days in advance of any pay period.

The bill makes an exception for “unforeseen circumstances” beyond an employer’s control, but adds that employers should notify employees of unexpected schedule changes as soon as possible.

The bill also protects employees from retaliation as a result of exercising their right to know their work schedules 14 days in advance.

Is sexual harassment a major issue in NH?

Dec 08, 2017
sexual harassment

In October the New York Times broke a story about Harvey Weinstein's history of sexual assault accusations. The story sparked a national conversation about sexual harassment. How much of an issue is sexual harassment in New Hampshire?

Should NH prohibit firing an employee because of his or her political views?

Oct 19, 2017

The First Amendment protects free speech in public places, but private employers have a lot of power to limit what their employees can or cannot say at work.

Political affiliation - such as Democrat or Republican - is also not a protected class in anti-discrimination laws at the state or federal level.

To learn more about employment discrimination laws in New Hampshire, visit our issue page.

Stronger protections against reverse age discrimination?

Sep 12, 2017
age discrimination

With fewer babies being born since the 1980s and people living longer, the older generation represents a large pool of potential employees in the United States. In fact, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont have the top three oldest populations in the country.

While lawmakers are considering many policies to meet the needs of the aging population, some question whether young employees need more protection.

Shea-porter cell phone amendment gets shot down

Jul 09, 2017
cell phone GPS tracking

A U.S. House committee voted down an amendment that would have limited employer access to GPS data from company cell phones.

The amendment, sponsored by Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, would have banned GPS tracking during non-work hours and "for purposes other than legitimate business purposes."  The amendment also required an employee's knowledge and consent for GPS tracking.

Smoker Hiring Bans

May 31, 2017
smoking and smokers

Late last year, two hospitals in Pennsylvania announced they would no longer hire employees who used tobacco. The move was seen as a way to promote healthier lifestyles, reduce sick days, and lower health insurance costs.

Refusing to hire smokers is perfectly legal in the Keystone State, as Pennsylvania doesn’t consider smokers to be a protected class when it comes to hiring practices.

The landscape is different in New Hampshire, where a 1992 law forbids any employer from making not smoking a condition of getting or keeping a job.

Ban questions regarding past pay rates?

Apr 30, 2017
past pay questions pay equality

Earlier this month, the New York City Council approved legislation that will ban employers from asking job applicants about their current or past pay rates.

The bill will also prohibit employers from asking a candidate's current or former employers about pay rates or searching public records for them. Job-seekers can, however, provide such information if they choose.

Similar measures have been passed in Massachusetts, Puerto Rico and Philadelphia with close to 20 states and some cities considering it.


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