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Apr 22, 2017

CCNH-LFDA Highlights


With some seats up for grabs, check elections in your district.

Should NH regulate online fantasy sports? Weigh in.

We're bringing your views on this issue to a hearing on 4/26.

Learn more about NH's complex laws regarding voter residency.

Member Posts

Should NH clarify the legal status of online fantasy sports by regulating and taxing them? 
They shot down casinos when there was no risk to the state and now they're scrambling for revenue. ... read more
Jocelyn Blease - Comment on Facebook post - 4/20/2017

How would you grade Governor Sununu on his first 100 days in office? 
Right to Carry shows he understands the 2nd Amendment. Full day Kindergarten makes sense for those with little ones... read more
Wayne Randall - Comment on Facebook post - 4/19/2017


Should NH increase tolls and/or add new toll booths?
Should NH allow the Northern Pass to proceed with some (not all) of the lines buried?
Should NH authorize one or more casinos?
Should NH continue to allow medicinal marijuana?

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