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natural gas pipeline

UNH study: no need for pipeline

Mar 14, 2017

According to a new report from the University of New Hampshire (UNH), the Granite State does not need more natural gas pipeline.  This contradicts other studies and reports about the need for more...Read more

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Snow delay for town meetings?

Mar 14, 2017

With a Nor'easter barreling down on New Hampshire today, many New Hampshire town moderators have announced a postponement of town meeting day, traditionally held on the first Tuesday in March.

The move has sparked significant controversy and possibly exposed a genuine ambiguity in state...Read more


debt defendant jail public defender money

Bill to give poor defendants an attorney before jail

Mar 14, 2017

On Wednesday, March 15 a House committee will hear public testimony on a bill that would prohibit jail time for nonpayment of a fine unless the court appoints a lawyer for the defendant.

The bill, SB 200, was prompted by...Read more

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Less strict fitness requirements for prison staff?

Mar 13, 2017

According to a report from the Concord Monitor, the New Hampshire Department of Corrections is supporting lighter physical fitness requirements so that it can...Read more


DCYF child abuse reports

Should DCYF keep child abuse reports longer?

Mar 13, 2017

On Thursday, March 16 the New Hampshire Senate will vote on a bill that would require the Division of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) to keep reports of child abuse and neglect at least seven years.

Under current law, a screened-out report – a report that DCYF determines is not...Read more

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Biweekly pay option in New Hampshire?

Mar 12, 2017

Under current New Hampshire state law, employers in the state are required to pay hourly employees each week, with payment issued no later than 8 days after the close of the work week. That could change if HB 194, which recently passed the House, is approved by...Read more

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Should anti-tobacco education include e-cigarettes?

Mar 11, 2017

Thursday, March 16 the Senate will vote on a bill that would add e-cigarettes to state initiatives preventing tobacco use.

Right now the state Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program provides various education and training programs, monitors compliance with cigarette and smoking laws...Read more

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Child lead poisoning

Universal lead poisoning tests for children?

Mar 09, 2017

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee has voted in favor of a bill that would require lead poisoning tests for all children under age two in New Hampshire. 

Parents would be allowed to opt their children out of testing.  The bill would require insurance companies to cover blood...Read more

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Attorney General Joe Foster

Attorney General Foster stepping down

Mar 09, 2017

New Hampshire Attorney General Joe Foster announced he will step down on March 31. 

Gov. Chris Sununu will choose Foster’s replacement.

While the Attorney General has no say in writing laws, he or she can shape policy by choosing which cases to pursue.

Under Foster, the...Read more

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NH state budget

State budget hearings begin

Mar 08, 2017

On Monday, March 6 the House Finance committee held state budget hearings in Derry and Plymouth.  The next public hearing on the budget will be Monday, March 13 at the Statehouse in Concord.

Members of the public urged the committee to support additional funding for mental health...Read more

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medical marijuana for chronic pain

​Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain?

Mar 07, 2017

​Rep. Eric Schleien (R-Hudson) is the prime sponsor of HB 157, a bill to add chronic pain to the list of qualifying conditions under therapeutic use of cannabis.

Medicinal marijuana in New Hampshire is currently legal only if a patient has been diagnosed...Read more


More limits on asset forfeiture?

Mar 09, 2017

If law enforcement officers seize a person’s property during an investigation, New Hampshire law requires a criminal conviction before that property is forfeited to the state.

However, if federal law enforcement is involved in the investigation, property can be forfeited before going to...Read more



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