Public hearings on budget: take two

May 01, 2017

BY: CCNH-LFDA Highlights

On Tuesday, May 2 the New Hampshire Senate will host public hearings on the next state budget at the Statehouse in Concord. This is the only public hearing scheduled for the Senate budget bill.

Since the House of Representatives failed to pass a budget this year, the Senate is starting with Gov. Sununu’s original proposal

After the public hearings, the Senate will vote on changes to Gov. Sununu’s proposed budget.

The House of Representatives will then get a chance to vote on the Senate’s version of the budget.

In a recent editorial, Senate President Chuck Morse said the budget priorities are “the opioid crisis, mental health, failing road and bridge infrastructure, as well as the growing need to protect and restore water resources. It is critical, however, that we continue our momentum to expand our small business economy and grow the rainy day fund – all while living within the state’s means.” 

What do you think the state budget priorities should be? Share your opinion in the comments below, or attending the hearing in person tomorrow! The hearing starts at 1pm and continues until 8pm.


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What do you think should take priority in the next budget?


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